LISTEN: Virgo Rising Creates Slow Burning Magnetism On “Molly Ringwald Dances in the Front Row”

Indie-rock trio Virgo Rising is back with their fresh new single “Molly Ringwald Dances in the Front Row.” Here we are re-acquainted with the band’s ability to forge sonic space using a thick and restrained tone. Shaded with fuzzy guitar and searing vocal charm via Emily Sinclair, “Molly Ringwald Dances in the Front Row” is a delicately fine musical statement, yearning with the slow-burning passion of Feist.

“A few years back, we saw someone dancing at a show like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club,” says Emily Sinclair, the band’s lead singer. “We just kind of stood there, watching them and wishing we had the confidence to dance like that. It’s really about being inhibited and feeling constrained by insecurity,” says the band.

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