LISTEN: Lydia Luce Showcases Golden Age Tenderness Via “Tangled Love”

Lydia Luce was known as the go-to strings session player in Nashville working with everyone from Dolly Parton to Eminem but is now stepping into the spotlight with her album Dark River. Growing up in a strict musical household where her mother was a professional conductor for the Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra, learning the violin was not presented as a choice. A virtuoso from six years old, she excelled in numerous philharmonics.

Check out, “Tangled Love,” (below) a standout single from the forthcoming Lydia Luce record Dark River. A symphony of strings swirls in the backdrop as Luce croons with timeless soul captivating vocal range. “Tangled Love” is beautiful in form and feel, and showcases Luce’s versatility and showmanship.

Discussing the experience behind the song Luce stated, “Tangled Love is about attachment. This relationship has become painful and difficult yet there is something that holds me to it. When I’m without it I’m longing for it. It is an addiction and both parties are aware of the co-dependency but no one wants to be the first to get clean so we stay tangled in the web we’ve created.”

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