LISTEN: Richie Quake Brings DIY R&B Thrills On Delectable New Track “Sensitive”

Richie Quake is an artist and producer from Brooklyn, NY. Quake’s sound is nostalgic while pushing boundaries and maintaining a contemporary edge. He is inspired by the niches of daily life and the subtleties of emotion. Rather than luring the listener into fantasies of grandiosity, Quake focuses on what it means to be human.

Check out the lush  new single “Sensitive” (below) from Richie Quake. With an unmistakable vocal aura, Quake skates across a synth laden groove with style and grace. Vocally enchanting in tone and feel, Richie Quake has a remarkable sense of pop-creation, crafting a delectable indie R&B gem in the realm of Frank Ocean.

“Sensitive” is about being in love with someone, but still feeling like they don’t really understand your needs. Despite being very in love and having many beautiful moments with my ex girlfriend, I often felt like she wouldn’t listen to my feelings or be considerate of my emotions. This song is basically the conversation that I wish I’d been able to have with her when we were together,” says Quake.

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