LISTEN: Far Lands Lay Down Low End Warmth On “There Be Monsters”

The Pacific Northwest holds a wealth of beautiful things to get excited about: never ending pine forests and coastal views surrounded by stark, snow-capped mountains, some of the world’s finest coffee, and a blustering creative scene that leads many to migrate west. That said, it can be bleak, especially in the winter months where rain dominates everything. It can lead some, if not most, to reconsider and think, “maybe we should move.” Yet for those who stay, the bleak months can inspire fruitful, creative spurts. And it took a freak ice storm in Portland to bring together the two local artists who would eventually form Far Lands.

Behold the luscious and charming new single “There Be Monsters” from Far Lands. With rich vibrato Andy McFarlane vocally swings on a bountiful cushion of low end warmth and electric guitar tinge. “There Be Monsters” is cool and collected in delivery, a timeless and beautiful alt-folk articulation in the vein of Blitzen Trapper and Delta Spirit.

“This is the kind of song that happens when you wake up from a dream with a melody stuck in your head and you go straight to your favorite chair and pull out the notepad that’s dedicated specifically for the first thoughts of the day, over coffee,” says the artists.

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