LISTEN: Melissa Carper Recalls Classic County Greats On Back When” & “I Almost Forgot About You” 

It’s been said that not all who wander are lost. Some of our greatest treasures have come from wandering hearts, those who are not afraid to take risks and experience what our world has to offer. On March 19th, singersongwriter, upright bassist, and lifelong wayfarer Melissa Carper will unveil her new solo effort, Daddy’s Country Gold. This 12-song collection of original songs about love and a desire for the simple life mixes melancholy and humor and creates an irresistible pull between laughter and heartache.

Glide is sharing two stand out tracks from Melissa Carper’s forthcoming LP Daddy’s Country Gold: “Back When” and “I Almost Forgot About You.” Carper croons with captivating throwback style and delivery, blasting us back in time to the golden age of easy listening country music. With a stunning voice, the skilled singer-songwriter and bassist walks us down a path of inviting cadence and warmhearted embrace. “I Almost Forgot About You” finds us swinging, surrounded by twinkling piano color and lovely violin shading. “Back When” is a track driven by superb country guitar picking, soaring strings, and of course a rock solid bass groove via Carper. An exciting emerging Americana artist, Melissa Carper truly calls to the greats, for fans of Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline.

Carper speaks about “Back When” –

“A lot of my songs are based on my real life experiences and with ‘Back When’ every single word of that was lived and true. I started writing it a bit after a breakup while longing for the relationship I once had with someone—that is, the beginning of the relationship when we were in love and everything was wonderful. It was written with a hopeful desire that things could be as they once were, and though that never happened, I feel like this song does have that hopeful air that maybe ‘back when’ could happen again, for any relationship that has lost that spark,” Carpers says about ‘Back When'”.

“The idea for ‘I Almost Forgot About You’ came from a weekend in which I had a very good time and had managed to forget about a love interest that I had been obsessing about,” Carper explains of the song. “When I got back home that phrase came to me, ‘I Almost Forgot About You’ and I realized I had a song there.  I just kind of tied in the various lost loves of my life to come up with the rest.  It came to me that way and in fact this entire song had a nice easy flow with the way it all came.  I like it when that happens, feels like you are getting help from the universe.”

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  1. There are a smallish but great crop of classic country artist out there. Melissa Carper is near the top. If some big label gets a hold of her everybody’s going to get rich! Hey WB Music Group Nonesuch music label. Want to check this out? You won’t regret it!

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