SONG PREMIERE: Megan Lacy Reflects Intimately Sparse Gillian Welch Stylings On “Salvation”

Megan Lacy is a songwriter and performer based in Austin, Texas, with a keen eye on the vast horizon.  Her style effortlessly spans the breadth of traditional American music, while remaining softly influenced by her own list of cult genres, giving her a unique but powerful voice in the expansive universe of modern music.

Salvation, her five song debut EP, will be released March 5, 2021.  The record captures the intimacy of discovering and accepting our own limitations, a process that ultimately gives way to profound transformation.\

Glide is premiering the seductively sweet “Salvation” (below) from Megan Lacy where her acoustically intimate vocals make a bold statement that gloriously reflects the sparse folk stylings of Gillian Welch.

“I wouldn’t have said I was writing about my own life when I wrote Salvation.  I had just discovered Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, and I felt deeply moved by the stories Gillian was telling, and by the beautiful dissonance of Dave’s guitar.  I was dealing with a lot of depression and self rejection at the time, and I began writing a story about someone else whose struggle I could relate to.  She was leaving home, a place she’d never really felt she fit in, and was trying to make amends with the pain of the family she was leaving behind.  It wasn’t until later that I began to see the correlation to my own life, after my mother and I had gone through some really difficult stuff, and came out with a much deeper connection on the other side.

I was playing in a band called SoulRadio with my friend and mentor, Gil Gaus, so I brought the original three chord song to him.  We spent a good amount of time hacking it apart and putting it back together, and he just kept pushing me to explore more interesting chords and changes to back up the melody that was already there.  I learned so much about songwriting from developing that song with Gil.  It’s the title track to the EP because the message it brought me still rings true – Acknowledge where you are because where you are is gonna get you to where you’re going. ”


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