LISTEN: Adi Sun Emerges With Aching Warmth Via “My Fault”

In the last eighteen months Boston artist and BMA nominee Adi Sun fell in love, suffered heartbreak, fell ill with shingles, quit her own band, came out as transgender, and still managed to write and record new music for her emerging solo career.

Check out “My Fault,” the new single from Adi Sun. Cut from a world of fastidious and melodic guitar tone, Adi Sun croons with honest and vulnerable inflection. “My Fault” is raw and inviting in nature, welcoming us into the aching heart of our protagonist. Void of fluff, the song skates and builds in an organic landscape, filled with distorted synthesizers, soaring vocal harmonies, and raw low end warmth.

“This song literally poured out of me with blood, sweat, tears and all kinds of things you don’t wanna hear about. When I wrote it I was very sick, both physically and emotionally. On the one hand I was suffering in silence while a person I had fallen in love with was slipping away before my eyes. On the other hand my fever was through the roof, my head was pounding, my face was a mess with shingles blisters and I was in some of the worst physical pain I’d ever felt.

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