LISTEN: MAH KEE OH Shifts To Lo-Fi DIY Song Gear On Crushing New Track “Dogfood”

MAH KEE OH is the solo recording project of multi-instrumentalist Grahm Robinson from Dallas, TX. Robinson is also a contributing member of the bands Teethe, and Crisman (Topshelf Records) and is known for his unique analog recording and production techniques in which he predominantly uses only three microphones and a four-track cassette recorder. The project is back with a pulsating and vibrant new track aptly titled “Dogfood.”

With a raw DIY feel, Robinson vocally shifts through a lo-fi pocket of drums and throbbing bass ala Sebadoh and Superchunk. Direct and simple in form, “Dogfood” is a song void of filler, yet complete with striking guitar lines and circular vocal output.

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