SONG PREMIERE: The Deathray Davies Return With Big Buzz Guitars On Anthemic “You and Me Until the End”

15 years have passed since the garage rock outfit The Deathray Davies has shared any new material, but new music is on its way as their brand new album, Time Well Wasted is due out on April 2nd via We Know Better Records.

Despite taking over a decade off from the band, each member of The Deathray Davies has been busy creating and performing. The ever-busy John Dufilho continued to create and put out records under his own ever-changing rock n’ roll incantations such as the absolute punk rock ripping CLIFFFS, the cinematic 60’s pop-tinged Corner Suns, and the indie-folk of Cantina. Not to mention the collaborations and endless touring for both John and lifelong member and drummer, Jason Garner as current members of indie rock luminaries The Apples In Stereo and The Polyphonic Spree.

That indie rock torch gest carried forward on the indie 101 rocker “You and Me Until the End” where The Deathray Davies propel their underground legacy forward with its ignited formula of buzzing guitars and contagious melodies. Glide is thrilled to premiere this rocker that grabs our ears with its Guided by Voices tenacity and its sneaky charm. Check it out below…

“More than anything else, this story is about me and Inky.  We’ve been playing together for almost 30 years.  from the day we met, we connected musically and have never taken it for granted.  Same with our friendship we’ve accomplished things bigger than I would’ve ever imagined  (“didn’t we just say no to that?”) and also had some years where we were pretty much ignored (“didn’t we just pass around a hat?”) this is a song about all of it,” says Dufilho


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