LISTEN: Jaguar Jonze Drops Big Boisterous Vocals On Anthemic “Curled In”

Deena Lynch aka Jaguar Jonze makes music for the moment of implosion. There’s no delay, there’s no need for it. Lynch’s music constantly occupies two spaces: one calling us in, lulling with its majestic, eternally frank beauty, the second unafraid to cut us right down to the quick, harshly slicing into our most vulnerable thoughts and feelings.

Check out the ferocious new single “Curled In” (below) from creative juggernaut Jaguar Jonze. In striking fashion, the song builds around boisterous vocals atop a steadfast low-end groove, as Lynch drops captivating charisma. Set to a gorgeous and enticing music video, “Curled In” is a powerful display of indie-pop innovation that rekindles the big-voiced glory of Florence and The Machine.

“Curled In” is a pure cathartic release. Tear me apart, just tear me apart. I’ve never seen wrong be done right. She’s fulfilling her simplest needs, and it’s freeing. It’s a bit of a twist for me to be a masochist. As a survivor of abuse, these words’ unafraid power is all too apparent and an engaging statement to hear expressed,” says the artist.

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