LISTEN: Sheers Cuts Neo-Classical Elegance On “Wet Plastic”

Sheers is the solo moniker of harpist, pianist, and singer Lily Breshears, a regular touring member of Haley Heynderickx and Alexandra Savior. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Claude Debussy, Olivier Messiaen, and Frank Ocean, the music of Sheers is most easily described as neo-classical pop.

And now for something completely unique, we have the elegantly ethereal “Wet Plastic” from Sheers (below). Forged in a lush world of harp and fierce low end, Breshears cuts casually through a visceral world of synth color and striking arrangement. A genre-bending expression, “Wet Plastic” is a melodic joy, colored with tasteful and experimental instrumentation for fans of Björk and Stereolab.

Aside from the original inspiration for the lyrics and harp part, which was an unwanted and uncomfortable interaction with an unknown dude in a crowded room, this song was really about having a good time for me, about not taking music too seriously,” says Breshears. “Aaron Stern’s guitar parts tapped into the humor of the song, and Daniel Rossi’s drumming accentuates the idea of being anxiously cornered, but with a strangely groovy feel. And the recording even has buried in it, like, 20 tracks of me saying, “Who’s gonna buy that shit?” in stupid voices. That was fun to record. In the context of my generally restrained songwriting, “Wet Plastic” provided the moment in our live set when we could let go. Sure, the song is about an uncomfortable experience and sounds uncomfortable, but I think moments of “Wet Plastic” are ecstatic in a way. At least that’s how we felt playing it live and recording it. I hope listeners can get a little piece of that too!


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