LISTEN: Mo Kenney Shares Inviting Rendition Of The Magnetic Fields’ “Strange Powers”

For songwriters, re-interpreting the work of their heroes and contemporaries has always been a thinly veiled gesture of connection—an act that simultaneously pays tribute to their roots and reveals to listeners a piece of who they are as an artist and human being. From the glam-blasts of David Bowie to the slacker fuzz of fellow Nova Scotians Mardeen, Mo Kenney has reimagined countless beloved songs throughout her career, both live and in the studio. With Covers, she’s crafted a collection that allows a small glimpse into her musical genesis, the artist she is now, and where she might be headed next.

Mo Kenney’s beautiful rendition of The Magnetic Fields’ “Strange Powers” (below) is something to behold. Set to gentle fingerpicking, Kenney croons with an inviting feel and warm intonation reminiscent of the intriguing folk of Cate Le Bon and Julia Jacklin,

I recorded this stripped down on a classical guitar in front of one mic, so you can really hear Stephen Merritt’s songwriting. “When we kiss it feels like a flying saucer landing” is one of the best lyrics. I hope that as you listen to this album you find a renewed love for the songs I chose to cover. I have been influenced and inspired by each songwriter on this album and it has been so fun to record them in my own way, in collaboration with my producer, Joel Plaskett,” says Kenney.

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