LISTEN: Kelly McFarling Cuts Weightful & Wistful Acoustic Folk On “North Decatur”

Kelly McFarling, an Atlanta-born, Bay Area-based singersongwriter, is a musician who makes songs for long drives and fault lines.  McFarling gives weight to wistfulness, traverses landscapes and mythologies, and renders the small and ordinary in ultra-vivid color.

Check out the striking new single North Decatur” from Kelly McFarling. Set to intimate acoustic guitar picking and warm pedal steel shading, McFarling sings with cutting grace and melodic precision. Possessing a truly bewitching voice“North Decatur” is a focused and bright effort from a powerful indie-folk songstress.

“North Decatur is about those lifelong companion memories that color you from the inside. I don’t remember when I could register the way the light moved, but I have a clear vision of it – just this gorgeous little breadcrumb into my earliest mind. I was thinking about how habitual it is for me to turn to these images and feelings to orient myself. It’s so comforting to gather the original pieces of the puzzle, before any of it had been put together. I like sitting with the idea that our memories are ‘all that we have,’ and how that is such an enormous thing. How our stories, and the way we repeat them to ourselves make up so much of who we are,” says McFarling.

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