LISTEN: Night Heron Drop Lazing Sultry Grooves Via “Dreamz”

The forthcoming debut record from Portland, Oregon-based Night Heron is called “Instructions for Night.” By the end of the first track, the listener knows who these instructions are for. They are for those of us awake against our will: tossing in bed after a terrible fight, pacing the hallways of new parenthood, stricken with fear of unemployment or a bad test result. These instructions are for a person so dislocated by circumstance they no longer make a meaningful distinction between night and day.

Check out synth-laden and smooth as hell lead single “Dreamz” from Night Heron. Existing in a tranquil soundscape of low-end groove and distorted guitar subtlety, lead singer Cam Spies vocally cuts in and out of the lush keyboard-colored atmosphere. “Dreamz” is a cool and sultry indie-pop cut for fans of Jungle and Blood Orange.

“Dreamz” – this one one of the first songs written for this album and was a somewhat accidental collaboration between Cam and Sara. Cam was strumming some chords in one room while Sara absent-mindedly hummed the melody and lyrics to what would become the song’s chorus in the other room.”

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