LISTEN: The Morning Yells Mix Up Laidback Grooves Via “Monster”

Since Proper Wilted, their debut EP in 2017 as The Morning Yells, the Stancils and friends have continued to shift both geographically and sonically, moving from what Independent Clauses praised as “Laurel Canyon country meets Bruce Springsteen-esque road-rockers” to more intimate sounds on their upcoming EP, Dig.

Venice, CA-based The Morning Yells are back with “Monster,” a sunny pop single that sounds eerily ’80s yet retains a sense of modern synth rock reminiscent of Local Natives and Future Islands. Lead vocalist Phil Stancil swings through a syncopated synth groove, lifting us across a lush and moody world mixing the laidback grooves of chillwave, yacht, synth, and pop.

“Monster” is a song that we would’ve never written outside of the Covid 19 shutdown. Less time touring and in recording sessions meant more time to experiment with new sounds, song structures, and vocal stylings. Of the five songs on our upcoming EP “Dig”, this song exemplifies the freedom we felt while writing songs in our home studio.”

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