LISTEN: The Effens Mix Up Its Rock Vocabulary on Oceanic “Things You Can’t Take Back”

The Effens are an explosive young glam grunge group on the rise from Toronto. With Austin Nops’ fiery vocals and screeching guitar riffs, Paul Theo’s pulsing synth melodies and daring guitar leads, Hannah Edgerton’s blasting bass lines and haunting harmonies combined with Fabian Kearns calculated hard-hitting drumming the four-piece form like Voltron to put on a live show you don’t want to miss.

Check out the melancholic and beautifully jarring new track Things You Can’t Take Back from The Effens. Building swiftly from a circular acoustic guitar riff into menacing alt-rock power, Nops croons with oceanic emotional depth to slicing lead guitar lines and a sublime rhythm section. The Effens excite with welcoming and moody brilliance, creating enraptured and inclusive indie rock where you can hear bridges of Nada Surf, Weezer, and Nirvana.

“Our new single, “Things You Can’t Take Back,” is about the moment something is said which changes everything. Whether it’s a promise of love or cutting someone else down, the truth or a lie, it cannot be unsaid. Each of us hold power and give this to one another when we choose to be vulnerable. This is the relationship at the heart of the song – two people on one bike, swerving in and out of traffic. They put themselves in danger but dilute themselves enough to feel that they are in control because they are the ones scaring the drivers,” says the band.


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