Top Five Casino Movies

It’s no secret that a good script can have the power to get us involved in the action or storyline within all genres and topics, whether it’s a comedy, suspense, romance, or an action thriller. The same goes for some of the most classic and new-age films that have stories and scenes based around the unknowingness and the excitement that comes with gambling. 

Not only can you learn a thing or two from movies, but they are a source of entertainment as well. Below is a list of some of the most popular gambling-related films dating back to 1998 up until 2017.

Croupier (Director Mike Hodges, 1998)

Starting with Croupier, a film from 1998, about an aspiring writer who was hired as a croupier at a casino when he needed to make ends meet. Not too long after starting his position as a croupier, he realized that this new job experience would provide him with some material that would make for a great novel. It didn’t take too long for him to get sucked into all that comes with the casino world, the drama, the secrecy, and the thrill. From learning the poker basics to figuring out the ins and outs of the casino industry, the writer becomes completely immersed in his new role and loses grip of reality. And, soon after, his life before the casino started to crumble piece by piece.

 Rounders (Director John Dahl, 1998) 

Rounders is a film from 1998 which was directed by John Dahl, about a young and progressive gambler known by the name of Mike who decided to study law. However, an old gambling friend of his (Worm) was released from prison and it didn’t take long before Worm got Mike involved in a prison debt of his. With a 5-day deadline to get $15K, Mike ends up taking on the debt as if it was his own while losing interest in his studies and his relationship with his girlfriend goes downhill. 

Ocean’s Thirteen (Director Steven Soderbergh, 2007)

Ocean’s Thirteen released in 2007 is a film where the main character Danny Ocean gathers the boys for another casino heist. In this storyline, Ocean gathers a group of eleven people to steal money from three of the most famous casinos in Vegas, all of which are owned by his rival. He orchestrates the most extravagant casino heist yet with three rules in place: hurt no one, only steal from those who deserve it, and play like you’ve got nothing to lose.

These rules are similar to those at where they deliver a responsible but exciting online casino experience. 

Wild Card (Director Simon West, 2015)

Wild Card has a pretty heavy plot where Nick, a Vegas bodyguard with professional lethal skills, finds out a friend of his was beaten by a thug. Nick couldn’t just sit around and do nothing, however, after some time he found out that the thug is the son of a powerful mobster. Wanted by the mob, Nick faces many challenges throughout this storyline. At the end of it all, Nick receives a check of half a million, which he accepts and then leaves Vegas for good, or at least that’s how we know the story to end.

Molly’s Game (Director Aaron Sorkin, 2017)

Molly’s Game directed by Aaron Sorkin is a story about an Olympic skier who had a bad accident leaving her unable to continue her skiing career. She moved away and ended up running the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker games. This went on for a decade before she was arrested in the middle of the night by a team of 17 FBI agents. Her only supporter throughout this whole fiasco was her criminal defence lawyer who learned that Molly wasn’t a criminal; she just got in too deep. 


Movies can be more than just a thriller or a form of entertainment; they also have the potential to be a source of information. A lot can be learned from the stories told in these movies whether they are based on a true story or not. With a good script and a good level of suspense, you will be sure to get pulled in. The chances you’ll learn a thing or two about gambling from these movies are high. 

These are just a few of the must-see movies related to casinos, but there are plenty more to be discovered.

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