LISTEN: Vern Matz Heals Wounds With Alluringly Melodic “Fish Tank”

Self-described hooligan folk-rockers Vern Matz are back with a meaningful and deeply personal new single “Fish Tank.” With emotionally charged inflection Daniel Belgrad croons with alluringly melodic charisma. “Fish Tank” peers into a trying and exposed time in life, dealing with pain and our attempt to heal wounds while being intersected by the reality that these things often take more time than we wish they did. Produced by recent Glide discovery TOLEDO, “Fish Tank” is beautiful and exposed indie music for fans of Foxygen and Whitney.

“I wrote this song up in Minnesota at a pain rehab clinic. It’s the first musical attempt to slam the door on a trying medical period of my life, although it’s an attempt that ultimately fails. The circularity of the fish tank (bowl) is a nod to habituation being more powerful than misguided cathartic activity.”‘

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