LISTEN: JUSTY Keeps It Real With Flowing Neo-Soul Charmer “Rinse, Repeat, Regress”

JUSTY’s music is not only an honest embrace but soul-nourishing therapy. Identifying as queer in her community was not an easy feat and came with some life lessons. “Self acceptance felt like something I had to earn and earning it was based on the merits of everyone else but myself,” she shares. “I figured if I’m a good student, a good kid, a good friend, then I deserve to love and accept myself. We spend a lot of our life learning how to be selfless but it’s taboo to be selfish. I think being selfish in terms of self-preservation has to be more normalized because a lot of people, especially people in my communities, are so self sacrificing to no avail. I learned that I deserve to accept myself.” Embodying self-love and acceptance fueled this upcoming body of work and is JUSTY’s best yet.

Glide favorite, JUSTY is back with “Rinse, Repeat, Regress,” an expressive and intimate new track. Here we find the ultra-talented singer-songwriter bouncing across a bass-heavy groove, shaded with restrained electric guitar twinkings. Vocally enchanting, “Rinse, Repeat, Regress” is yet another stunner from the emerging indie R&B songstress, who can flow with the best of ’em.

JUSTY shares, “This past summer I had an awful breakup, like my ex currently dating the friend I introduced her to bad, and I felt so defeated, unlovable, worthless, and pointless. Against my own wants I decided to pursue therapy because I knew I wasn’t hanging on to life by much. I was existing but I wasn’t living. My therapist reminded me that people’s actions are always a reflection of themselves. I realized the same applied to my life. Everything I had done in life was rooted in me not truly loving myself. I almost lost myself for someone else but I wasn’t even willing to save myself for me. From that point on, I made a promise to fall for myself, to learn for myself, to heal myself, and to trust myself. I knew that if I could do that I could find love again because I wouldn’t be searching for a filler, I would simply be living.”

“It was important for me to touch on this sort of love story because too often we are told to love everyone else, and chase everyone else, but we really have to get ourselves straight before we go down that road.”

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