LISTEN: Ghostly Kisses Enchant With Sweeping “J’ai demandé à la lune”

Check out the gorgeous remake from Ghostly Kisses and Louis-Étienne Santais of “J’ai demandé à la lune,” a classic from the French-band Indochine, an iconic hit that marked the French music landscape in the early 2000s. A stripped-down piano sweeps through the track as a vocally enchanting inflection invites us in and blankets our ears in a warm embrace. A haunting and distinct rendition, Ghostly Kisses and Louis-Étienne Santais are captivating and distinctly enthralling.

“This song left a lasting impression on both of us and still influences us today. Composing Ghostly Kisses’ songs together, we unite for this soft and hushed acoustic interpretation highlighting Louis-Étienne’s unique piano arrangements and Margaux’s airy vocals. This is the first time that Ghostly Kisses releases a song in French, paving the way for many more original songs to be released in her mother tongue in the near future,” says the artist.

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