Reigning Sound / Detroit Cobras 9/12/2005: Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

As the flooding continues across the eastern seaboard, so does the music. On Wednesday night at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan a twin bill of bare bones rock and rollers took the stage. The Detroit Cobras with openers Reigning Sound hit the Big Apple only a few shows into their national tour. While the rains fell outside, the brew and tunes swam inside.

Reigning Sound kicked things off with a spirited forearm shiver to the temple. Greg Cartwright tore through a collection of energetic songs flailing away on guitar and screaming passionate lyrics. The spastic gyrations and ramblings were excitingly soulful and clued the listener into the fact that when music has not one ounce of pretense in it, wonderful things can happen. Reigning Sound is currently a three piece with Lance Willie on drums and Jeremy Scott on bass. Unfortunately Scott couldn

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