LISTEN: Monmoi Drops Some Andy Shauf/Whitney Mellow Tone On “settle down (with you)”

Monmoi is the brain-child of London-based lo-fi pop singer-songwriter George David, who previously performed folk music under the moniker Lauder. Momoi is a fresh take on lo-fi pop with synthwave and folk influences, combining harmonies and dreamy vocals with 80’s pop-inspired beats to create an eclectic sound.

Dig into the easy-going new single “settle down (with you)” from monmoi. A distinct and controlled falsetto immediately sets the scene as David melodically sways in a world filled with warm Fender Rhodes and tasteful horn color.” A lovely and heartfelt number, “settle down (with you)” is a perfect springtime jam for fans of Whitney and Haley Heynderickx.

I was inspired by a few things, the tone and mixing of the song was inspired by artists like Whitney and Andy Shauf, with the latter inspiring the lyrical process. The song is quite different to my other releases, but I really enjoyed learning to mix a proper brass section and pulling together the parts.


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