LISTEN: S. E. Webster Creates Sonic Bliss On Sepia Toned “Wedding Night”

S. E. Webster is a folk-rock artist born and raised in the deserts of Southern California. S.E.’s music evokes sunsets, sepia tones, and long drives on dusty, far-off roads. With intimate vocals and lush instrumentation, S. E. has cultivated a modern but timeless sound. His music gives voice to feelings of longing and nostalgia for what could have been.

Take a listen to the expressive and rich new single “Wedding Night” from S.E. Webster. A percussive acoustic guitar moves the song forward as reverberated drumming sizzles in the backdrop. Webster sings with an inviting feel, juiced with slapback delay, surrounded by psychedelic guitar and pedal steel shading. “Wedding Night” is an ageless indie-folk song, blending lyrical wit and impressive arrangement, reminiscent of the pastoral meets electric folk flavors of Dr. Dog and Wilco.

This song is about the night I met the woman that this record is about. It was at a mutual friend’s wedding and we had an instant spark. But the song is also about knowing it would end. It’s as much about fear as it is about love. It’s all true and it’s laid bare,” says Webster.

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