Is Coming 2 America, The Hilarious Comedy with Eddie Murphy Worth Watching?

Film releases have been thin on the ground during the past 12 months because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, news of the release of Coming 2 America with Eddie Murphy is enough to drag people out of this difficult period and provide them with something to look forward to. Following the success of the original, which was released in 1988, this follow-up film has big boots to fill, but with Eddie Murphy leading the way, a lot of hope is placed on his shoulders. So, this comedy has become one of the most discussed among iwantblacks website users. 

It’s Not a Follow-Up; it’s a Parody

Let’s not kid ourselves; 1988 feels like a lifetime ago, and a lot has happened between now and then. So, when they got the band back together and decided to make Coming 2 America, it’s safe to say that everyone took a deep breath. 

Much of the cast has returned in an attempt to rekindle their relationships on screen but does Coming 2 America hit all the notes?

The first thing to consider is casting aside any memories of the original. It was made in an era when those kinds of films were all the rage, so this new film comes at a time when things are different. It’s a bold move but one that pays off. The idea behind the film is to pay homage to the original, hence why many of the original cast have returned to do their bit. 

However, once you begin watching the film, you’ll notice that the storyline is very similar to that of the original. The one difference is that it’s shifted into a new era.

Eddie Murphy is not the same man he was 33 years ago. Older, wiser, and a little larger, Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy, still has a successful marriage to Lisa, who comes from Queens. He also has several daughters, so the plot has thickened somewhat. While fashion and times have changed, the African country Zamunda hasn’t. Prince Akeem’s three daughters can fight, their smart, yet the problem of their gender is preventing them from taking the throne, and that’s where the issue lies.

The film is based around Akeem’s father, who is of ill health and wants to put affairs in order before his time comes. Despite this, he is concerned that Prince Akeem doesn’t have what it takes to step into his shoes as he fears that General Izzi, who is played by Wesley Snipes, will take the throne and all because Akeem doesn’t have a son.

However, it becomes apparent that Akeem has a son that he wasn’t aware of! This son stemmed from his first visit to America back in 1998, where he was taken advantage of, although the experience is something that Akeem conveniently cannot remember. Despite this, his personal assistant Semmu does remember it clearly as he arranged the get-together between Akeem and his secret lady.

So, after discovering the news, Akeem and Semmi both return to New York to search for the son and take him home. However, they have the task of finding him among millions of people. Once they arrive back in New York for the first time since their first trip, they realize that not a lot has changed. Fortunately, Akeem discovers the old barbershop that played a pivotal role in the original film, and it is here where the film begins to gather momentum. The characters bring the film to life with their stories while further appearances are made by some famous faces, including Gladys Knight.

The film avoids some of the predictability that follows these kinds of films around. The humor is recaptured, and the wit is still there, making it a fun and light-hearted film to watch. If you’re seeking a film that’s a great throwback and points a gentle nod of appreciation in the direction of the original film, then this is definitely worth a watch. 

We consider this to be a good film, although you should never expect it to come close to the original, but it really is good to see Eddie Murphy back at it!


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