SONG PREMIERE: LoneHollow Let Musical Chemistry Shine on Sweeping Americana Tune “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

Throughout the five songs on their upcoming self-titled EP, LoneHollow (due out April 9th via Torrez Music Group), the duo comprised of vocalist Rylie Bourne and guitarist Damon Atkins dive head-first into a complete portrait of love — the all-encompassing shiny feeling it can bring about as well as the actions it can make you regret. With a rollicking, Southern rock-infused version of Americana, the two remain true to the tradition of country storytelling. 

Recorded in Nashville at Farmland Studios with producers David Dorn and Alex Torrez, the self-titled EP showcases Damon’s blues-infused guitar work along with Rylie’s crystal-clear vocals for a high-energy welcome to who LoneHollow is: “There is a rock’n’roll element we always seem to maintain, which is probably my fault with distorted guitars, but we really aren’t rock’n’roll,” Damon says. “There is a bit of a traditional, lonesome sound that we maintain with Rylie’s vocals, but we also aren’t a bluegrass band. The first time I listened to the finished EP all the way through I thought to myself, ‘What the hell would you call this?’ I think the fact we really don’t have an answer for that means it’s original.”

Both members of LoneHollow grew up surrounded by music, which is part of the bond that brought them together after they each moved to Nashville. Rylie’s dad plays guitar and mandolin, one in a long line of musicians himself, and Damon’s dad taught him to play guitar after receiving one as a Christmas gift. The two met after attending a post-college intensive music business program called Segue61. 

The two are looking forward to building on their past three years as a duo: “We have been here in town, we’re putting in the time and we hope that it shows,” Rylie says of LoneHollow. “This collection of songs just highlights every aspect of our sound, the new and improved version of who we are.” 

Today Glide is offering an exclusive premiere of  “I Don’t Love You Anymore,” a standout track that lets Rylie’s bluegrass-infused vocals shine. The song, which is a take on what happens when you try to move on from a past love, injects elements of soul and R&B into a sweeping and dramatic Americana sound. Haunting and ominous layers of bluesy slide guitar build on Rylie’s commanding and powerful vocals. Ultimately, the song demonstrates the musical chemistry between Rylie and Damon, and the big and impressive music they are creating together.  

Rylie Bourne describes the inspiration and process behind the song:

“I heard this tune while playing a round with Sarah Spencer about three years ago and was completely floored. When the new LH project presented itself, we knew this song just fit. It’s one that we wish we would have written and I couldn’t wait to sing. We are really proud of the vocal being at the forefront and Jon Conley’s guitar wizardry with an acoustic guitar through a phased-out amp.” 


Photo credit: Brooke Stevens

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