LISTEN: 18 Year Old Toni Foote Nails The Rock Pop Rhythms With “Drug Of Choice”

Toni Foote is an 18-year-old musician from Edmonton, Alberta. Foote’s writing suggests the experience of someone much older than her years while embodying the authentic freedom of a young person navigating the world

Settle into the expressive and tonally rich new single “Drug Of Choice” (below) from Toni Foote. With captivating inflection and wide emotional density, Foote sings with staggering breath control displaying an effortless style. “Drug of Choice” is an honest reflection of indie-rock elegance where we find Foote surrounded by dialed in rock-rhythm section and bathing in warm electric guitar tone with the twangy tones of Lydia Loveless and Big Thief. 

“Drug of choice’ was written amidst the hot early summer of 2020. I was graduating high school, in the process of moving out of my childhood home, and in a pretty unstable place looking towards my future [thanks COVID-19]. In what was expected to be an exciting entrance into the “real world”, I found myself wrapped up in feelings of doubt and a steep absence of motivation. Drug of Choice is about how attention and praise (especially through the trick mirror of the internet) can temporarily satisfy the yearning for deeper fulfillment, distracting us from what really matters,” says Foote.

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