LISTEN: Girl As Wave Brings New Wave Replayable Heat On “Second Thoughts”

Girl As Wave is the project of New York-based artist, Marci Elizabeth. Working in collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Deer, Elizabeth released her debut EP Poison Vines and Nectar in 2018, following a series of single releases. With inspirations rooted in lo-fi indie rock, dream pop, and cinematic surf music; the four-track collection is a reflection on transformation. Her songs are comprised of dark, moody sounds and subdued airy vocals.

Check out the palpitating new single “Second Thoughts” from Girl As Wave. A throbbing bass line pushes forward as Elizabeth vocally sashays across a new wave-inspired backbeat, steeped with low-end groove and colored with tasteful synth stirrings. “Second Thoughts” is a leisurely hypnotic and riveting track that recalls the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and is irresistibly replayable.

“Second Thoughts is about getting lost down the rabbit hole of overthinking and indecision. I used to constantly get caught in that loop, I still do sometimes, so I wanted to write something that captures the feeling of it.”

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