LISTEN: Melpo Mane Relays Big Scope Indie Charisma On “Wrong At Last”

The Stockholm-born Melpo Mene left his native Sweden in 2013 for a trans-Atlantic move to Los Angeles. Equally repelled and fascinated by the sprawl of LA, contrasting with the cocoon of his studio, Melpo writes from his strange new perspective, grappling with the role of ego in keeping us alive and entangled in this world.

Cutting with vocal charisma, we are warmly welcomed into Melpo Mene’s eclectic world on “Wrong At Last” as he swirls in a sonic landscape encompassed by fuzz bass, acoustic guitar, and refined synthesizer shimmering. An enlightening effort, “Wrong At Last” blends indie-rock vocal movement with a lo-fi pop flair and driving push reflective of Glass Animals.

Melpo shares that “Wrong At Last” points out, “while most people are eager to be right all the time, a pessimist is actually dying to be wrong because it’s in the rare case of a pessimist being wrong that something was in fact better than estimated. Rather than regarding the glass as half-full or half-empty, may I suggest we look rather at its direction.”

“When we drink from a glass, we’re emptying it, so naturally, we should refer to the halfway mark as half-empty. When we pour into a glass, we’re filling it up, so naturally we should refer to halfway as half-full. Anyway, any actual message in pop music isn’t what is being said but how it’s being said.”

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