LISTEN: Johnny Burgos’ “All Outta F$#ks” Delivers As Funky Grey Area Statement

Johnny Burgos is a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. His brand of future-soul embodies a raw uncompromising sound revealing beauty from pain, hope from despair, and the will to keep fighting.

Step into the funky world of Johnny Burgos and enjoy his fabulous new single “All Outta Fucks.” Burgos exudes vocal style as he dips in and out of a wide groove, tinted with kaleidoscopic keyboard twinklings and a seriously tight bass groove. “All Outta Fucks” is a retro meets future soul winner that rekindles the bangin’ sounds of Bruno Mars and Raphael Saadiq.

“All Outta Fucks” is the funky embodiment of being undefined by the ‘black & white’ standards of the status quo (Grey Area), told from a perspective that is in full trust of my own creative instinct and voice, unbothered by others’ opinions. It also brings together a few talented musicians that I’ve been working with remotely during the pandemic, some of which I’ve met on instagram and have since formed personal bonds with beyond our creative work together. The Song features Jonny Tobin on synths, DeVaughn Denegall on bass, Keenan McRae on guitar and Gil “XL” Defay on Horns.I was halfway done with this record when the pandemic hit. It forced me to reconnect to a more purposeful and creative existence, accepting life’s discomfort and ambiguity as simply part of the process,” Burgos says. “I reframed a ‘grey area,’ and it was incredibly inspiring. I took it day by day, showed up purposefully, passionately, persistently into the grey, and I discovered a newfound freedom to create beyond the inner-critic.”

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