SONG PREMIERE: Indoor Creature Throw It Back to the Heyday of Soft Rock with “Get Away”

Formed in 2015, Indoor Creature has grown from a duo to a pack of six, and together the Austin-based band has played over 100 shows and two national tours. Their distinctly dreamy, jazz-inspired sound artfully contrasts lyrics that tackle topics most pop songs don’t dare to wrestle with. They explore feelings associated with growing up and up, respond to current events, and delve into their dreams, all things you’d do with a good friend while lying on the floor, staring upward. In this room, the floor and the ceiling are Indoor Creature, grounding you to reality while simultaneously inviting you to think of what could be.

Indoor Creature is set to release their third album Living in Darkness in 2021 on The Record Machine. In the meantime, you can find them around Austin, online, and newly in trading card form.

I’m always looking for those songs that are beachy, but not in the cheesy, Jimmy Buffet way. I just want a song that feels like it would be perfect for a summer vacation, without mentioning the beach or an alcoholic beverage at all. Austin-based rockers Indoor Creature offers new kind of beach song with their new single “Get Away.”

Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of “Get Away,” a song that begins with a delightful electric piano progression and some atmospheric noises before launching into one of the tastiest grooves I have heard in the new year. Pristine electric guitar bursts with masterful licks around an absolutely enchanting melody. After the first chorus, there’s a brief horn solo before descending into the verse again. Throughout the entire song, the rhythm section is absolutely locked into their role. The walking bass line and excellent kick and snare groove really provide a backbone to this song. The bridge section features a jazzy guitar solo that would make Walter Becker proud. The whole band works together really to present the listener with a song that feels effortless.

It really takes people that are okay with sitting back and letting others shine to make a song like “Get Away.” No one is fighting for control of this song. Rather, everyone in Indoor Creature plays their part and delivers a song that feels iconically cool. A throwback to the heyday of soft rock, but still modern and fresh. Indoor Creature is the complete package.

Write-up David Haynes

Check out “Get Away” now, and get ready for their next record Living in Darkness out later in 2021! And, look below for an exclusive interview with the band:

“Get Away” feels effortless and like everyone in the band is in sync. Was this tracked live in your home studio?

Yes and no. Over the years we’ve built a sort of makeshift studio out of the spare room in our house. Get Away started by live tracking the keyboard and guitar together, but as time went on and we accumulated more recording gear, we felt it was necessary to re-record pretty much everything. It was all recorded at home, but recorded separately over the course of a couple of years, ending with the drum track a few weeks ago. That said, I think that synced up feeling comes from the fact we have played this song the most live, so we’re all super comfortable with the parts. Then a little mixing magic, of course.

How do you achieve a perfect sonic balance with six people in the band?

Communication is key. You’ve got to make sure everyones on the same page. We try to create an environment where everyone is welcome to share thoughts and feelings. We’re always asking each other, “what does this song need, and am I playing this part to enhance the song or just cause I’m bored/nervous”. Are the keys and guitar locking in together or are they separate in the arrangement. What octave is the vocal in? What octave is the guitar in? How can we clear space for this? It’s a balancing act for sure, but it’s a harmonious feeling when you finally solve the puzzle.

What was the inspiration for the lyrics on “Get Away?”

In American society, it constantly feels like the world is trying to make you cynical. The media is always peddling sad, tragic and violent news. It’s really easy to slip into a media induced funk and crave something to alleviate that feeling. Everyone wants an escape, so I felt it was also a relatable topic to most people especially during this time.

What can you tell us about the next album, Living in Darkness?

Living in Darkness is a really fun listen. There’s always something intriguing happening whether it’s a guitar lick, a drum fill, or a particularly resonant lyric. We spent years perfecting the little details of this record and I think it shows. There are a lot of different moods expressed from loving admiration to a sinking depression. It has emotional range in that way. I think the title sums it up: we’re living in darkness, but we’re still living and expressing all of what life really means to us. These are songs we’ve played live for some time, so we’re elated to be able to share it with everybody in May. It’s our first record out on vinyl, so look out for that too!

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