LISTEN: Torbjörn Schierbeck Echants With Silver & Sweet “Faith”

Making music has been both a dream and reality for Torbjörn Schierbeck throughout his life. Discovering The Beatles at an early age laid out the musical ground on which Torbjörn has been creating ever since. To truly encapsulate 32 years of songwriting, covering different themes of life from love, family, and reminiscing on childhood. His debut forthcoming album To the Fair is to be released May 28.

Check out Schierbeck’s heartfelt new single “Faith” that swoons over a rich instrumental landscape of ascending strings and tasteful electric guitar. A lovely track from the Sweedish songwriter, “Faith” is simply put, stellar songwriting coupled with a rugged yet sensitive vocal outpouring, that calls to mind the euphonious sounds of David Gilmour and Abbey Road era Beatles.

“Faith” is words from a father passed on to his children and his wife. Influenced by The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and Neil Young, the track moves between melancholy and hope. This song was written for my children in an attempt to reveal a father’s own vulnerabilities. It was recorded partly at my home and partly in Studio Mami y Papi with Windy Isle as the backing band.

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