LISTEN: Brijs Brings Big Dynamic Indie Pop Flavors On “Mol y Sol”

Following a stream of single releases, guitar-pop artist and producer Brijs released his anticipated debut album, Glitra earlier this monthA kaleidoscope of euphoric indie-pop and a life-affirming coming of age record that celebrates the adventure of your mid-20s. Glitra follows the artist’s decision to quit his job and leave London, chasing a new perspective. The move began a chapter spent living as a property guardian in a dilapidated mansion in his rural hometown with a new group of friends.

Brijs’ wags his effortless indie pop talents with his new colorful single “Mol y Sol.” A Captivating tone and vocals shine here with a thick underbelly of bass groove, dazzled with crushing guitar and standout vocal harmonies. “Mol y Sol” is a hypnotic pop creation that reverberates with the alt-radio sounds of Cold War Kids and Foals.

“The ideal breakup ends with you walking away confident and settled in your decision and happy to move on but we all know that 99% of the time that’s not the reality. This song was written about the end of a relationship I had with someone who was part of a tight-knit friendship group I lived with for two years. The process of dismantling our relationship surrounded by friends who were invested in us was incredibly difficult and confusing. It ultimately brought a painful and bittersweet end to that golden period – we moved out soon after,” says Brijs.


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