LISTEN: Lawson Hull’s “Mexico” Serves As Easy Listening Escape Theme

To be an artist, you must ask yourself, who am I to share my ideas and stories? Who am I to think others might find meaning in them? It’s this query that Australian singer-songwriter Lawson Hull tackles on his upcoming EP, Dreaming is Easy. And while most would agree that music is potent medicine, Lawson details the many growing pains that come with putting something out into the world.

Settle into Lawson Hull’s chill wave-ish new single “Mexico” where radio-friendly breezy vocals churn with a charismatic bounce. A forthright effort, “Mexico” is shaded with a tasteful guitar tone blending indie-pop tonal expression and folk songwriting tact- an ideal bedroom escape soundtrack.

Lawson says, “It’s about someone’s daydream – hoping there’s a chance with their crush. It’s about not being sure if the feelings go both ways, or if the other person even knows there’s an interest to begin with. The dream is to sweep this someone off of their feet, all the way to Mexico. The second verse imagines the fast and reckless drive to go pick this person up, as if you can’t believe it’s happening, and the bridge sends the couple down the runway.”

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