VIDEO PREMIERE: Leland and the Silver Wells Drop Chamber Pop Gold On “Love Is Blind”

Two years ago producer Steve Gregoropoulos had previously been making chamber music versions of a bunch of Jack Nitzsche’s music and had been talking to Leland Ettinger of Leland and the Silver Wells about making a new Silver Wells record. Gregoropoulos did a session at Evergreen Stage with That Dog where he conducted a live orchestra and was becoming fascinated with Nitzsche’s work in connection with the Gold Star team where they made such beautiful pop symphonies by having people playing a complete arrangement in a room together. Leland came to the concert of Nitzsche’s music, and they agreed about trying to do their own Gold Star style recording as an experiment in making a more live and blended version of the songs than what you would get with a standard modern production.

“Well, when Leland sent me the first drafts of the songs, one that immediately jumped out at me for that treatment was a song called “Love is Blind” which just seemed to have a perfect pop construction.  I thought of Howard Johnson’s beautiful arrangement on Neil Diamond’s “Sunday Sun” and I could hear the finished track in my head,” says Gregoropoulos.

“After we went into Evergreen and recorded the band and orchestra live together, Leland, Jason Soda and I cut three acoustic guitars playing at the same time in unison to complete our own wall of sound, and then we brought in Miranda Lee Richards for harmonies, and I have to say that what you hear on this track is pretty much exactly what the song was telling me it was supposed to sound like.”

“Love is Blind” is the first single from Leland And The Silver Wells’ upcoming sophomore release due to drop in Fall 2021. Half of the songs were written and produced before the pandemic and half after, creating an album of two movements with totally opposite recording approaches necessitated by the quarantine.

Glide is premiering the video for “Love Is Blind” a magnetic single of brass pop that would sound perfect in a playlist next to The Mamas & The Papas as it would Jenny Lewis. Decades past and present, Leland and The Silver wells have nailed a sense of grandeur that is flawlessly cool, catchy and crafty.

“‘Love Is Blind’ is a song about the pitfalls of the pursuit of romantic intimacy based on initial physical attraction without the insight that only time can provide. The age-old story of projecting hopes and desires onto someone you don’t know and being blinded to the aspects of themselves they are showing to you that are not in alignment with your hopes, desires, and fantasies,” says Ettinger.”


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