LISTEN: Grant Carey’s Distinct Baritone Illustrates Musical Dreamscapes on “Way Out”

Grant Carey is a singer-songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. Carey describes his music as an “extra-fruity genre smoothie.” His forthcoming record Future Fright iinspired by improvisation, experimentation, and not taking things too seriously. Future Fright is out May 14th on California Sound Hotel.

Baritone voices are quite distinct in the musical presentations of Bill Callahan and Matt Berninger, yet Grant Carey holds his own with the low-end vocals on his new single “Way Out.” With a dreamy and nostalgic presence, Carey exists in a swirling synthesizer landscape, cutting through the track with utter poise. Check out this new original voice and his message of survival through the dark times…

“Way Out” is a song about hope. It’s about facing dark times & telling yourself you’re gonna get through it. I have a history of writing really dense, narrative lyrics..and with this project I wanted to try something totally different. So most of this song revolves around a really simple hook, and it’s repeated a lot, almost like a mantra or something. So there’s definitely a spirituality to that. Like, if I tell myself I’m gonna get out of this dark place one day, and I say it enough times, maybe eventually it’ll come true. My partner Sandwoman is also featured – her voice is a big part of the song. We layered our vocals a bunch, so the song has this communal feel. Hopefully, we get to sing it live along with a crowd one day soon, that’d be nice.”

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