Jobbaloon Visualize Meditative and Spacey Sounds on ‘The Invitation’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Jobbaloon is a group from Detroit that defines itself as an audio-visual experience. So how does that work when you’re just listening to the music without seeing them perform it? Well, it gives you enough of an experience to get some understanding of what the group does. Also, since the visual aspect is missing from this album, you can provide your own.

Of the new album The Invitation, the band said, “The writing process is a cathartic, healing, and liberating experience for us, and the hope is other people will have the same experience listening to the songs.” One thing is sure, the band has liberated itself from easy labels.

The album begins with a spoken-word track that seems like the beginning of a guided meditation. That flows into a mellow song that could easily be part of a playlist for meditating. 

From there, the album takes on a spacey sound. “Bm” is built on layers of synths, keyboards, and strings that give the song the feel of an early Radiohead song. In fact, you’ll sense that Radiohead vibe throughout the album. You’ll hear it especially in “Aligned”, which features some sounds similar to the beginning of Radiohead’s more experimental sound.  

“Days” is an interesting song to close the album. It begins with strumming on an acoustic guitar that would feel right at home in a coffeeshop. It doesn’t linger in that coffeeshop mood though. After about 40 seconds, it develops into the layers of sound characteristic the album. It closes with piano and a beat and finishes the album with the thought-provoking lyrics, “Abide in the what is.”

This is a short album that is not easy to categorize. It has elements of pop and psychedelia without landing solidly in either one. Some of the beats have a trance-like quality. Perhaps it’s easier to say that this is an album you might want to put on when (or if) you ever have some time for yourself and you just want a soundtrack for enjoying your favorite beverage.

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