ALBUM PREMIERE: Fuzz Aldrin Lift Off with Hard Rocking Debut EP ‘Peach Fuzz’

Writeup by Galen Clark

The band initially known as Bomb Guam was formed on the basis of a lifelong friendship between Zack Asher and David Slain, who originally grew up across the street from one another in Solon, OH. In a natural progression, they began bonding through writing and playing music together and soon added drummer, Tom Middleton. Upon a routine stop at Sam Ash, Slain stumbled across bassist Brian Lawson, shared a brief discussion, and soon thereafter, Brian joined the band that was renamed, Fuzz Aldrin. Upon discovering, tweaking, and easing into their sound, Fuzz Aldrin tried out a new vocalist, Hayden Brooke, who fit the bill brilliantly.

Peach Fuzz, a 5 song debut set to release on April 16th of this year, is an informed reflection of the now Cleavland, Ohio – based outfit. The album flies through space at a total play time of 20 minutes, 21 seconds and on a surface level, certainly yearns for another listen. The group’s sound on the record integrates elements of blues, roots, rock, indie, and alternative genres evoked through a choice curation of interweaving guitar riffs and textures, punchy and driving drum rhythms coupled with a locked – in low end energy of the bass, and powerfully agile vocals.

Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the new record. 

The record starts off right out the gate setting momentum and precedent in the first song, “Member” – instantly showcasing the groups dynamic, capacity to listen, and ability to blend with one another. With rotating, reverberant, and tremolo – malleable guitar tones reminiscent of Creedence Clearwater Revival, the second song, “Back Real Soon” welcomes you into the place where Peach Fuzz begins to find its proper footing in stride. The thought out transitions of the record on a song- to- song basis as well as within the energy arc of the songs individually are proof of the intention and care for attention to detail in terms of how the work flows cohesively. Gapless playback between “Back Real Soon” and “Alaska” transports you into a headspace for the open highway heading northbound on BC-97 from Ohio – along with a sentiment that longs for simplicity, the absence of distractions, escape from the pandemic, and probably a couple drinks.

“Fake Blues”, the 4th song on the record, proposes a solution and escape to the culminating barrage of media, hectic state of the world, and uncertain future for America. Lo-fi – vocals guide the introduction of this song, proclaiming the opinion that , “All the fake news that you’ve heard is all the fake news you see” as if spoken from a megaphone. A relatable message of needing some time away from the multitude of unanswered questions and validity in truth of the information we receive is voiced in “Fake Blues” through the call and response of scorching guitar leads and harmonies, rhythmically – melded pocket of Lawson and Middleton, and conversational vocal melody from Brooke. Seamlessly weaving desert – like soundscapes into drier, fuzzier textures is surprisingly smooth on this record, and works well for a cleverly placed subconscious constant in Fuzz Aldrin’s sound.

Peach Fuzz concludes with “Stuck In One Place”, a mellow triple – meter anthem of frustration, restlessness, and self – reconciliation reminiscent of Pearl Jam or Audioslave. Escaping the qualms of life on Earth, “Stuck In One Place” transplants you into somewhere else in its arc, build, and message. Without spoiling too many other surprises in the record, one thing is apparent. Fuzz Aldrin has clearly set a strong foot forward with the debut of Peach Fuzz, and is set to lift off into the great unknown.


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