LISTEN: Cat Clyde and Jeremie Albino Cut Cunning Old Timey Musical Charm On “Been Worryin'”

Hailing from Canada, Cat Clyde and Jeremie Albino are cut from the same musical cloth that fuses together elements of folk, blues, Americana, and soul. The result is a sound that exudes heart and a nostalgic feeling of days gone by. When the pandemic hit and gigs were put on hold it allowed them to focus on their craft, individually and collaboratively.

With outward and passionate timbre, Jeremy Albino’s timeless musical chops tug us from the first notes sung on Cat Clyde and his new single “Been Worryin’.” A dense and vocally beguiling track, we find our singers snuggled up against a warm acoustic guitar, as Clyde and Albino bring clever lyricism, an engaged back and forth musical conversation, and utterly pleasant vocal blending. The duo share thoughts all his worriers can relate to when they sing “well all I know is life can be a grind”…..

About “Been Worryin’” Jeremie says, “I had been working on this original song with a Big Bill Broonzy vibe and I took it to Cat to see if we could work on it together. She loved the tune and helped with some really great lyrics before we hit the studio. We love this tune because the final version ended up being really close to the original demo which to me always means – there’s some kinda magic in a song.”

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