LISTEN: Electric Palace Churns Idealist Sonic Sound Portrait on “Better Days”

Electric Palace is comprised of singer and guitar player, TJ Rosenthal and Joe Zdaa on drums and vocals. The bi-coastal duo grew out of a happy accident after Rosenthal realized he’d been writing songs for a band that didn’t exist, so he shared the material to his long-time friend Zdaa, and soon after, Electric Palace was born.

The grand sonic soundscape of early U2 and Doves finds itself on the hypnotically reflective“Better Days” from Electric Palace. A psychedelic and aurally pleasing experience, Rosenthal sings with delightful bounce, ricocheting off the track, encompassed by rising synthesizers and crushing guitar tone. “Better Days” is an optimistic yet candid look into the strangeness of the world we inhabit, a cunning and fierce utterance of the power of positive force. The single will appear on Electric Palace’s forthcoming album Pretend.

“Better Days was written sometime in the summer of 2020 as the pandemic settled in to become a life-changer for everyone,” the band says. “The mood I was feeling at the time was a combination of bleakness, but hope with the sun and weather. Nobody can truly say when all of this will be in the rear-view mirror, but almost as a self-help affirmation when I was playing with the chords, out came the lyric, ‘Gonna see better days / soon they’ll all be falling into place.’”

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