SONG PREMIERE: Portland Maine’s GoldenOak Create Rootsy Windswept Folk On “Falter”

Portland, Maine-based GoldenOak is the creative partnership between siblings Zak and Lena Kendall. The hush folk duo is preparing to release their sophomore LP, Room To Grow, on June 25th. Engineered by Ryan Ordway and Dan Capaldi, mixed by Ordway and Sam McArthur, and mastered by Adam Ayan, GoldenOak’s second studio album is a kinetic tribute to the untamed nature of climate change.

Room To Grow is a ten-track collection of poignant indie-folk/Americana about the effects of climate change through both a macro and microlens. The new single “Falter,” defining Zak’s pride-point as a songwriter, details the uniquely human quality of corruption. Reminiscent of a late 1960s protest tune, the track perpetuates the irony of political money etching its name in geological history and the implications of the most privileged people continuing to expand their carbon footprint, endangering less responsible populations in more fragile ecosystems.

Glide is premiering the hardy and melodic “Falter” (below) from GoldenOak that permeates with the windswept warmth of Cowboy Junkies and the acoustic melodic flexibility of Mandolin Orange and The Milk Carton Kids. Portland, Maine has its own PD scene going on where good music, food, drink, and musicians putting up the good fight for what’s right.



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