VIDEO PREMIERE: Ari Herstand Displays Honed & Versatile Singer-Songwriter Chops On “Like Home”

LA-based Ari Herstand is surely a musical renaissance man, as his chops in the biz run the gamut from entrepreneur, musician, best-selling author, educator, advocate, and authority on how to succeed as an independent musician. He has collaborated with acts like Cake, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Ben Folds, and his music has appeared in TV shows, commercials and films. His book How To Make It in the New Music Business is a #1 best-seller in three categories on Amazon and taught by over 300 universities across the country.

Recently, Ari co-founded the UnCancelled Music Festival, which Rolling Stone called “the most recent — and one of the larger — of the online music events that have sparked up since COVID-19 put a temporary hold on the live music industry,” as well as advocacy group Independent Music Professionals United (IMPU), where Ari helped write and pass the amendment to get the music industry an exemption under the “gig worker” law AB5. At the helm of his blog Ari’s Take, Ari empowers musicians through the Ari’s Take Academy online music business school and the New Music Business podcast.

Glide is proud to premiere the video for “Like Home” off his most recent album ‘Like Home’ (out 4/9) where he combines the crafty chops of Josh Ritter and the worldly musical textures of Paul Simon. Herstand delivers with a tender melodic grace that echoes the go-to sounds of ’70s singer-songwriters, while mixing in modern instrumental nuances, 

“Making this video (and album) in quarantine felt apropos because of the personal themes baked deep into this record. This video explores the many stages of my life and career through the guise of old media like VHS tapes and polaroid pictures. This song (and album) came out of a breakup from an 11-year relationship. We started dating before smartphones were a thing and ended in the age of Instagram. This video is a solitary exploration of dismantling (and recreating) a home,” says Herstand.



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