LISTEN: Rotterdam Based Dragonfruit Serve Up Sultry Acid Jazz On “Know Better”

Born from of love for sample-hip-hop and neo-soul’ is the foundation of the Dutch, Rotterdam-based alt-R&B-band Dragonfruit. The sound of Dragonfruit is characterized by a mix of soundscapes, old-school samples, and electronics that, together with the mesmerizing vocals from lead singer Danique van der Vlugt, create a chilled but very danceable atmosphere.

Step into the spiraling acid jazz landscape forged by Dragonfruit on their sly new single, “Know Better.” The perfect track combining ’90s new soul ala Brand New Heavies, Danique van der Vlugt slays the groove with pop sensible force, bouncing from magnetic club charm to pinpoint hip hop flow. Lathered in a tight and funky rhythm, “Know Better” blends funk with r&b and hip hop flair and serves the medicine as a day-changer.

“This song is about seeking refuge in nightlife. Numbing yourself from feelings of stress, anxiety, and pain through stimulants. You can run away from anything, but yourself. However, that realization doesn’t always stop us from suppressing our feelings,” says the band.

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