LISTEN: Nina Junes Offers Angelic & Soaring Vocals Via “World On Fire”

Heightened senses strengthen communication. On Nina June’s forthcoming ‘Side A–Our Garden’ EP (out June 25 via Nettwerk Records), the Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter layers plainspoken emotion over multi-dimensional soundscapes. After amassing more than 20 million streams worldwide, Nina June has been quietly making waves with her 2018 independent debut Bon Voyage and her 2019 EP, Shadows & Riddles.

June is back with her spellbinding new single, “World On Fire.” With lush vocal density, June sings with utter conviction, surrounded by a bowing cello and finger-picked acoustic guitar. The scene is set diligently, as soaring harmines swaddle us, and June breaths truth from her lips into our ears, touching on a very real yet sensitive subject: the world is burning, we reap what we have sewn. Wise words from a splendid talent.

“Some time ago, I felt it was time to write about other topics besides love, things that have occupied my mind for years now. The way we live in disharmony with nature, the climate that is changing, the way we’re treating animals. When the crisis came, everybody was so surprised. I think that’s weird. Scientists for years had predicted it, but we haven’t changed our behavior to avoid catastrophes like this. That upsets me. It is what ‘World on Fire’ is about,” says June.

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