LISTEN: London’s Matilda Mann Provides Delicately Confident Chops On “Doomsday”

Growing up as an only child in west London, 20-year-old Matilda Mann found herself soaking up her parent’s musical taste, which led to her to write her first song at age 11. It’s no surprise that Matilda’s new song, “Doomsday” is stunning in both form and delivery, basking in the light of the brilliant young songwriter’s wit. Void of fluff, Mann is armed with a stunning voice and a mesmerizing grasp on phrasing and world play. Surrounded by rhythmic harmonies she bounces lightly off the track, displaying sharp penned intelligence. Matilda Mann is vocally and lyrically confident, following in the song-steps of Regina Spektor and Cat Power.

“When I wrote Doomsday, that’s when it felt like it was the end of the world. I was watching Normal People at that time and Pride And Prejudice, and I thought, ‘It’s the end of the world, we’re the last couple, let’s go and get married,” says Mann

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