SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: The Silk War Address Gun Control Atop New-Wave Hooks On“Slender Slander”

It’s only fitting that The Silk War would call New York City their home, because, with its seductive new-wave sounds, this rockin’ outfit could have opened for Blondie at CBGB. Lead singer Alexandra Blair flaunts an “IT” factor with vocals that lean on artsy pretensions and explosive garage rock- think a mix between Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson.

After building buzz throughout New York City with packed shows at Baby’s All Right, Mercury Lounge, The Vinyl  Room at Soho House, and more, the five-piece band— Blair [singer, lyricist], James Mullen  [guitar, songwriter, producer], Angelo Miliano [keyboards], Josh O’Guinn [bass], and Andrew Mega  [drums]—dive into the dark on their independent full-length debut album, Come Evening, out May 14, 2021. 

“When it gets dark out, you rid yourself of distractions,” explains Alexandra. “You can break the chains that bind and allow yourself to be who you want to be. I find the most clarity at night. It’s like I’m seemingly clawing at any and everything just to try it, to unleash something, to shatter something. That’s what the  entire album is about.” 

The forthcoming album titled Come Evening– produced, engineered, and mixed by James- is a thought-provoking 11-track collection inspired by the band’s love for the arts and New York that touches upon deep topics ranging from bullying and self-worth to gun control and empowerment and so much more.

Glide is proud to premiere the video and song for fireballer “Slender Slander,” that timely addresses the topic of gun control, mixed with the band’s emotive and explosive rock presentation.

“Slender Slander” is in reference to the devious, conniving defamation exercised by corrupt people in power who do not support gun control and therein allow gun violence into our daily lives.  This song was written in response to the Parkland School Shooting, an example of a heartbreaking phenomenon that will continue to normalize in the eyes of our world if we do not face it head-on (gun violence is the leading cause of death for high schoolers in the US).  Although 38,000 Americans (on average 100 per day) die from gun violence every year, there is so little that has been done to stop it.  The Silk War found that the paradox of hiding a message about gun control within a song whose upbeat mood betrays its meaning was a unique strategy meant to fool the enemy into a state of understanding.   It is a subliminal allegory that spans mediums (lyrics vs. music) that is meant to act as a catalyst.  Our enemy does not care until it happens to them, until someone they love loses their eyes, a notion that we cannot accept as humane,” says the band.

Photo credit Hector Perez

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