LISTEN: Malou Madi Signifies Ethereal Finesse On ‘Decomplicated”

Malou Madi is a vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist born in Paris, and based in Brooklyn. After playing keys and singing with various acts including Kadhja Bonet, Jennah Bell, and Emily King, Madi is now juxtaposing herself in her songs, groovy meditations rooted in ambivalence.

Madi’s new single, “Decomplicated” is graced in torch song ethereal finesse with pristine tonal execution. Slithering through a synth-laden surface, this daring track is saturated in low-end warmth and experimental electronica, crossing the lush boundaries of Kate Bush, James Blake, and St. Vincent.

When pressed for her influences, Malou Madi reveals that she feels deeply connected to Brazilian music because they “can express existential dread very softly,” and that really hits home, because Malou Madi exists in the shape-shifting space that we are all too familiar with, the space in our heads where the brain should be, the space that sometimes tells you to not leave the house or talk to anyone, but other times demands you go out dancing and hang out all night with people you don’t know. A space of delightful uncertainty, where Madi carefully threads her way through life’s in-betweens.


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