LISTEN: Credit Electric Cuts Through Hazy Musical Color Spectrum On “Silver Line”

Ryan LoPilato is a New Jersey transplant who drifted out to California with a head full of new age philosophy, as he followed the scent of cannabis and sunshine. After a brief stint of assisting UCSF neuroscientists with meditation research, LoPilato has been moonlighting as a social worker serving disenfranchised populations while founding Credit Electric with Cameron Iturri-Carpenter and Evan Hiller.

Swelling synthesizers bleed in as evocative lyrics quickly take hold, shifting us through Credit Electric’s new single, “Silver Line.” Swinging in a world of tonal moonlight, LoPilato harnesses tangible emotion in each breath, soaked in warm vibrato, he vocally cuts through the color spectrum. “Silver Line” is an expressive track set to psychedelic visual journey, engulfing us in a beautiful and diligent songwriting form.

“This video is a commentary on how the 1990’s American culture was lulled into the complicity of violence against humanity and the planet through the means of entertainment and consumerism. I collaged a favorite childhood tv show with commercials from the era to showcase the ridiculous wasteful products I was tricked into buying. This has been further overlaid with footage of the gulf war, a video on oil and plastic, and vintage footage of motorcycle racing in the Bonneville salt flats in Utah. The collage attempts to encompass the complexities and connections which exist in the participation of anything “simple.” The song is a joke on the person with the “silver lining” who knows these complexities but still feels optimistic toward goal-oriented accomplishments,” says LoPilato.

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