SONG PREMIERE: J Hacha De Zola Displays Dark and Slinky Crooning with “Lost Space”

For his fifth album, East of Eden (Caballo Negro, June 11th), J Hacha De Zola has left the  “urban junkyard” of his previous albums and slipped into a natty white suit. 

His look is more accessible this time around and his sound matches. The result is an album that exemplifies the universe that Hacha De Zola has built over his four  previous albums (as well as EPs that cover ground from the all-Spanish “Syn Illusión” to his  versions of hits by female pop stars on “UnPOPular”), while also charting new territory. 

East of Eden is some kind of place where Jim Morrison did downers instead of acid in the control room during the recording of Pink Floyd‟s “The Great Gig In The Sky.” Hacha De Zola‟s vocals are the focus here. Where previous records saw him vocalizing in a way that complimented the music, this time the music compliments the man. 

“Even with all of its imperfections, it was very important for me to bring the nuances of the  vocal components of this record right to the front. I truly feel that I have found my own voice,” Hacha De Zola says. 

With that, he may never return to the “urban junkyard” and his method of rendering records via his “reductive synthesis” method (read about it here) ever again. It is a position that is congruent with the state of the world that longed to “return to normal,” but may never be able to find the way back to exactly that. 

His new strength and resolve fits Hacha De Zola well, just like the natty new clothes on his back. 

Today Glide is excited to premiere Hacha De Zola’s new single “Lost Space,” a song that encapsulates his new sound. With a slinky groove that feels well-suited for a darkly lit lounge, Hacha De Zola channels his inner Jim Morrison as he croons about the tragedy and pitfalls of isolation. As one might expect, the song was inspired by his own experiences – of which many of us share – of being alone throughout the past year. But even though the lyrics come from a sad place, there is something funky and soulful to the song that might come from the combination of saxophone, dreamy guitar, and airy harmonies, all of which come together to make this one satisfying tune. 

J Hacha De Zola describes the inspiration behind the song:

“I can’t help but write ‘twisted love songs.’ It’s kinda my specialty! Love in the time of a pandemic – or the lack thereof. I know a lot of relationships were really quite strained as a result of it. There was a real sense of being stuck in limbo – floating in a void – isolated from everyone you know. Especially a significant other – a lover – who, like you, was locked away in their respective place. The lack of human contact, of human touch, it wasn’t easy, and I know a lot of folks are still dealing with these feelings. Humans are social animals, and it really did take quite a toll on me, personally, as I’m sure it did for many other people, alone with the uncertainty, alone with vices, time almost standing still. That’s what this song is about for me: isolation.” 


East of Eden, the fifth album by J Hacha De Zola, arrives on June 11th 
Photo credit: Christine Samaroo

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