LISTEN: On “Jocelyn,” Roxy Jules Delivers Supercharged & Stylish Alt-Rock Impression

Roxy Jules balances somewhere between fragility and something very obstreperous. Julie Runa’s intriguing vocals and lyrics speak a language of their own and show how beauty and raw power can interact in the best possible ways. On her forthcoming Ep, Still Falling Through The White, Roxy Jules brings four songs produced by four different producers. Check out the lead single, “Jocelyn,”

Instantly an evocative electric guitar tone smashes the listener’s ears as Runa vocally muses with evocative inflection on “Jocelyn,” the new single from Roxy Jules and produced by Trentemøller. A supercharged stylish impression, “Jocelyn” is unhinged alt-rock, seeped in low-end thunder and alluring melodic movement that rekindles The Joy Formidable and The Dead Weather.

“Sometimes I’m terribly restless and sometimes I feel a deep longing for something and I don’t quite know what it is. I guess a lot of people recognize these feelings and that’s what the song ‘Jocelyn’ is about. In a way, I love this deranged restlessness and constant longing residing in my bones because it’s led me to some beautifully fucked up places where I never would have ended up otherwise. Luckily I’m also the complete opposite and can be someone longing for peace and quiet. I guess we all have contradictions in the corners of our minds and that’s what makes people so interesting,” says Runa.

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