LISTEN: White Ascot Drops Jazz Melted Pop “Next Season” – Feel Good Song Of The Summer

White Ascot is a Norwegian band with roots in the jazz and pop genres, though they bring a serving of neo-soul flavor. Consisting of four members, the band gives the Norwegian neo-soul scene a fresh take, as they have continued to evolve from the acoustic sound in their first EP, Pilot.

Step into the sonic light of “Next Season,” the jazz-infused soul single from White Ascot, a highlight track from their recent LP release, PINK BLOOD/FALSE MEMORY. Vocalist Frida Lydia Hansen cruises through the track with poise as her voice soars and cuts through, harmonizing with herself to thicken the mood. Charming and bright in feel, “Next Season” is the next feel-good song of the summer. 

Vocalist Frida Lydia Hansen says: “This is my favorite track on the album! I find it so catchy and reminds me of summer. Sure, the lyrics aren’t super positive, but the music around it makes it a happy song, at least for me.

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